Week by Week Twin Pregnancy: 15 Weeks

When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I was only seven weeks. I was also exhausted and in quite a bit of pain. People don’t tell you about the tummy cramps you get and symptoms are often (but not always) twice as worse when you have twins! Though many people have told me I shouldn’t search the internet for information, I personally feel more comfortable knowing both the positives and negatives. Other than your standard NHS scanned leaflets and quite a bit of information on American websites, I didn’t really find that much… so I thought a week by week summary would be a nice keepsake to have here but also really useful for anyone else who’s expecting twins!


How Big are the Babies:
Our two little twins are the size of Naval Oranges, measuring around 10.2cm and weighing around 71 grams each! I haven’t until this week actually had any sign of a bump – no one actually believes that I’m pregnant with twins when I tell them. However yesterday they finally made an appearance and I waved goodbye to my abs for the foreseeable future.


I don’t want to jinx anything but I feel like I’m getting over the exhaustion slightly. I have been taking several naps and having to lie down quite a bit during the day as well as having 8-9 hours on a night! I might as well have gone into hibernation over winter however this has started to ease and though I’m very tired at the end of the day, I’m no longer taking naps.

I haven’t had ANY morning sickness at all throughout my entire pregnancy however I ate a red apple the other day and within ten minutes I wasn’t well. I’m not sure why because I was fine again straight after but for whatever reason, it seems the red apple didn’t agree with me. Other than that no symptoms at all but I massively crave a decent massage – pregnancy massages come at a bit pricey cost so I’m trying to wait till I get really desperate to book one.


For a while during the first trimester, I went off meat! Being a farmer’s daughter I was raised on meat and can usually think of nothing better than a Sunday dinner or a big juicy burger however I couldn’t go near it. I could smell meat from a mile off and couldn’t even walk down the aisle in Sainsburys. Jay lost quite a bit of weight over Christmas and this possibly had something to do with our new vegetarian diet. However it’s back!! Though I’m still not a great fan of cooking smells, I’m back to my normal diet. I’ve been having a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and then snacking on fruit and/or yogurt throughout the day.


Weight Gain:
I haven’t actually been weighed since my first community midwife appointment despite all our other meetings and scans. During the office slimming weigh in, I slipped on the scales for a nosey and provided they’re right I’ve put on 6lbs since the start of December. I’m going to get myself a set of scales so I can always use the same ones to see though.


Even when I was utterly shattered in my first trimester I tried to stay as active as I could and it was very very hard. I had fallen asleep while eating several times so encouraging myself to get up and move wasn’t the easiest. However I did do go for walks and some swimming, plus pre-natal pilates.

Now I’m feeling a little bit more energetic and with the days becoming brighter, I’m hoping to keep this up with extra walks and add in some more swimming. I’ve found a pre-natal aqua class that I’m also going to join soon as well.


My absolutely favourite thing to do right now – though I’m dreading not been able to lie on my back anymore. I generally wake up once or twice throughout the night to go to the bathroom but I haven’t any trouble getting back to sleep yet. My parents bought be a giant maternity pillow for Christmas so I think I’m going to dig that out in the coming weeks and give it a try – sorry Jay. I have also been having the most random dreams including sleep talking and sleep walking – these are far too funny and definitely warrant their own post (or a book deal) as they’ve had various friends and family crying and rolling with laughter. Pregnancy is weird.


Other Notable Things:
We have our next scan this coming Friday and from then on I’ll be scanned fortnightly, all the way through to the end of the pregnancy. Our consultant told us that the guidelines in the UK now state for Mo Di twins that you should be scanned fortnightly up until 26 weeks but luckily for us Durham don’t do that and continue to monitor the babies all the way through. Even though it was only a couple of weeks ago since we last say them, it feels like it’s been ages and I can’t wait to see how much they’ve grown and make sure they’re ok.



Honest Reactions I Never Expected

I briefly touched in my last post about how at first I felt a little sensitive around the fact I was pregnant and then even a little more sensitive when I found out it was twins. This blog has always been a very honest place and I’ve always tried to keep it very positive. But ( and I’m sorry future children should you ever read this) quite frankly I didn’t and sometimes still don’t feel ready for this… even if I was ‘the correct age’ as people kept reminding me. I was and still am actually pretty terrified.

Now I won’t name names or be name calling as there were quite a few people who reacted in ways I never expected or could have imagined. Please don’t get me wrong, there were lots of people who said lovely things too! However at the time when the news was still sinking in for myself, ‘You’re going to get so fat!’ or ‘You’ll never be skinny ever again!’ or ‘Twins??!! Rather you than me!’ doesn’t really help.
Perhaps we should have hung onto our news for a little bit longer but despite the fact I was terrified, we were still excited. These comments, I’m sure were intended to mean well and it just took me a couple more weeks to be comfortable enough to come up with some decent come backs.
Once I started to get over the shock that there were two little lives growing inside me, I started to realise my body and the changes it would face (whatever they were) was no ones business. I also came across a great post by Kate who’d experienced similar issues during her pregnancy and it filled me with confidence that someone else felt the same! Once the news came out on my Instagram, I’d already started to feel a lot better and amazingly lots of Mums and even quite a few Dads got in touch to wish me well and offer their support. Funnily enough the theme of their messages was quite often more than not to not listen to any negativity.
And so I chose just that. I downloaded the Positive Pregnancy app, carried on living the healthy lifestyle I always have, eating a good diet, exercising still but more gently and realised that this was probably a lot more beneficial to me and the babies than anyones opinion about my body.
So a massive thank you to everyone who was kind, supportive, listened to me cry down the phone (sometimes for over two hours – sorry Beth & Amanda) and who came round to see me for a decaf cuppa! And to everyone else, I’m not going to get fat but yes I’m sure my waist will expand (so are my boobs hoorah), and yes I might not get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but who the heck cares and YES actually, rather me than you!



The Biggest Surprise Of My Life: We’re Having Twins

“So I can see here that it’s twins!” said the sonographer in a tone like we would have known already.

Now this wasn’t my finest hour… I may have shouted at the lady and grabbed the wandy thing to have a look myself.
To be honest, I really thought Jay had slipped them £20 to have me on as a joke but then she showed us baby one and baby two and I caught a glimpse of the look on Jay’s face and then each baby’s beating heart. We explained there were no twins or multiple births in either of our families and the lady simply replied telling us: “We actually call these kind of twins medical miracles.”
Now I may well be 29 years old but I do not feel a day over 16 and sheer panic had set in when I thought I was expecting one baby, now there were TWO! We hadn’t planned for this at all… Jay and I have often joked that we are playing at been grown ups. We got engaged and married in the same year and family was on the agenda but maybe a few years down the line. There were things we had planned to do before we ticked that off our list and I had only just left my full time job in August to work freelance. So my vision of pushing my single pram into designer baby shops and easily manoeuvring it into quaint little coffee shops around Durham disappeared in a flash.
After a bit of a wobble, and by the time our next scan came round and they actually looked more like babies than blobs, I was excited to see them again.
Given that we’re having twins, there’s lots of other quite big life changes need to take place too. From selling my house to upsizing cars, not to mention buying a LOT of baby things. Lots of places have told us we’ll need two of everything but thankfully Mamas and Papas were really helpful. They sat down and provided us with a checklist of things we’d need for a newborn and then ticked what we will need double the quantity of rather than just saying everything.
My blog has always been a very honest place and I won’t lie, I do still have little wobbles every so often. Am I going to be able to manage two babies…? I really don’t know. I’m thinking I might write about this in a separate post but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I’m so excited to see how this next year is going to pan out.
We announced the news to our friends and on Instagram a couple weeks ago and the support has been incredible. Thank you to everyone who has wished us congratulations and also to all the twin mum’s who have come forward to offer their advice and guidance – you’ve all given me so much more confidence. I’m so looking forward to this new adventure.



I assumed when I left my full time permanent role at the college last September that freelance life would be a much slower pace. How wrong I was! In between fulfilling contracts, working on Scream Factory and preparing to go away to America for two weeks, the end of last year just seemed to go by in a flash. I’ve always believed it is incredibly important to take time out for yourself and live a little more slowly, even if it was just for a few hours.

So when I received an invitation to try out the spa at Seaham Hall right before we went away, I couldn’t resist. I was in desperate need of recharging my batteries and enjoying some time disconnected from the world. There is a range of different packages available but I opted for the afternoon tea package. This entitles guests to use of the spa from 1 – 5pm, a 45 minute massage or facial and afternoon tea in the Ozone Restaurant. Priced at £85 per person, it’s the perfect package for anyone looking to spend an afternoon unwinding.

Now I have to admit, in an effort to truly escape and really enjoy myself I left my camera and phone in my locker meaning I took the grand total of one photo while I was there (so for the purpose of this post, I’ve borrowed a few from Seaham Hall’s website). And I’m not going to lie… it was bliss. Sometimes I’ve gone to a spa and I’ve been inclined to pop back and grab my phone however there is so much to do at Seaham Hall, I didn’t feel that need.

You really have to visit yourself to truly understand what a lovely spa it is. Featuring plunge pools, a Hammam with snail showers and jacuzzi, sanarium with crystal light therapy, steam rooms, outdoor hot tubs, a hydrotherapy pool, and ice fountain, the list goes on. One of my favourite parts of the day however was simply dozing outside on the roof terrace in the fluffiest white robe, listening to the nearby sea (for those of you who don’t know Seaham Hall is perched on a clifftop next to Seaham Beach). My massage was one of the best I have ever had and after I was taken to a special relaxation area and served the most delicious sorbet to wake me up.

Next up was afternoon tea in the Ozone Restaurant which was a lot more relaxed than I had thought it was going to be. Guests are encouraged to eat in their robes and it was the perfect way to finish the day. My only pregnancy craving so far has been the little wraps served with that afternoon tea!

I throughly enjoyed my afternoon at Seaham Hall and couldn’t recommend it enough. I’ve already got my eye on their pregnancy packages so it won’t be long until I’m back.

To find out more about Seaham Hall or book one of their spa packages take at their website here.


This might sound really obvious but when planning I found it easier and more affordable to choose things that had a meaning or were more personal to myself and Jay. Just like how we chose the music mentioned in my last post and the decorations we added to the venue. Our flowers were no exception to this. Though we had no specific colour scheme, I seemed to pin and highlight lots of wildflowers, purples and pinks… I’m not even a girly girl and my favourite colours are black and grey but I was drawn to them.

We knew we wanted the inside of Crook Hall to look and smell as beautiful as all the gardens outside – my brief to our florist was simple, I wanted everything to look like I’d gone out into the family fields at home and picked everything myself. That it certainly did and they smelt incredible. My Mom knew Charlton’s Florist through her business and recommended them – they knew exactly what I wanted. They hand tied all the flowers with twine and hessian and pinned my Grandma’s broach to my bouquet for me. My Mom and I had made hundreds of pots, jars, glasses and tied these with baling twine and farmers string which the girls at Charlton’s filled with similar flowers and these we filled the venue with.

We’d heard about Morrelli’s at a Belle Bridal Wedding Fayre held at Wynyard Hall. They weren’t there but a lady told us about Mr. Morrelli and since it was a summers day in July we were getting married and who doesn’t love ice cream… We spoilt ourselves. We got to choose loads of ice creams and sorbets to have and this was probably one of our guests favourite parts of the day. Everyone over-indulged and Morrelli’s personalised and decorated their little ice cream bike just for us. I can’t recommend them enough.

Jay had always wanted a summer wedding whereas I wasn’t too fussed – given the old tale that rain on your wedding day was lucky, I actually wanted a shower or two. Though I also wanted everyone to be able to explore Crook Hall’s Gardens… No amount of money was going to enable us to change the weather however by some stroke of luck or someone watching over us, I got exactly what I wanted. It rained while I was getting ready on the morning briefly, there was a light shower while our ceremony took place and everyone was safely indoors and then the sun came out right in time for everyone heading outside. There was a very light drizzle when we cut the cake (made by a family friend) outside but I loved it. We’d purchased umbrellas for everyone in different colours from the pound shop just in case but it went back to beautiful sunshine again. Lots of people have told me rain ruined their day for them, embrace it is what I say. Some of the most beautiful wedding photos are taken in the rain… and I think if you choose the right venue, it really doesn’t matter.

We never booked anything for our wedding because ‘that’s what happens at a wedding.’ It’s easy to fall into a trap where you think you absolutely must have this or that and if not then your big day won’t be as special. I am so pleased I never succumbed to this. And by doing not, it saves you a lot of money. Choose everything from your vows to your decorations with thought and meaning and who cares if it doesn’t go with your colour scheme? It all comes together in the end and quite frankly on the day, you couldn’t care less.

If you’re planning your wedding or helping someone with their big day, then you absolutely must get yourself a copy of Belle Bridal Magazine and head to one of their wedding fayres. Both were invaluable tools when planning mine and where a supplier was not a friend or already known they were found within the pages of Belle Bridal. My only wish is that I could do it all again. Happy wedding planning everyone!

All photography credit to Jade @ Gasp Photo Co