“Look at all this mess I made!” – The Color Run Sunderland

Surprise – I bet you didn’t think you’d see a post from me given the time since the last one! It has been really nice these past few months to check my blog email and hear from people who miss my posts or who just generally want to wish me well, so thank you for all your lovely comments.

Before Christmas a good friend of mine recommended I read a book called The Secret and to be honest at the time I brushed it off. Last year I had somewhat got myself stuck into a rut of working constantly and felt like I didn’t have time or energy to pursue anything else I wanted to in life. I had my whole work/life balance completely out of sync. Randomly one day in Waterstones buying a gift card, the book had been left out on top of a bookcase and I bought it. Reading it later that evening, it suddenly dawned on me that the problem I was having was actually me!

So in the first week of January I made a list of everything I wanted to do and everything I wanted to achieve. Then I wrote how I was going to do it. The list included everything from going and getting a gel nail manicure to changing my career to focus more on digital again. I’m now almost finished my original list and so much has changed for the better since January. I absolutely loved working in the event industry but it was time for a change and when an opportunity in digital came about I snapped it up. I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been before and moved to a new home with a lovely garden which means I can spend lazy Saturday mornings soaking up the sun with a coffee.

I have more free time now too which has worked wonders for my relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend. And it also means I get to take part in some of the events I worked so hard on last year. One of my proudest achievements at my time at Sunderland Live was helping to bring the Color Run to the city for the first time. Ittook place yesterday and while I had so much fun taking part, standing and looking round afterwards I did have a massive lump in my throat. One of the things I will really miss about my old job is standing in a crowd of thousands of people enjoying themselves because of something I helped produce. Who knows where I’ll end up in the future though…?

So what’s next… currently I’m sat with a mug of tea, catching the last few rays in my new garden, compiling a new list. However I’m not going to write just yet what all the items are, because my plan is to blog about them… A bucketlist of sorts!

And for those of you who can’t wait to find out, make sure to follow my instagram and twitter for some clues.